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Snow of the Mountains

Wicked Beauty Reverse FairyTales Book Three

Snow White will seek her vengeance in this fairytale retelling for those who love dark #whychoose romances.

I am not the delicate, pretty princess everyone thinks…

From the day my father died, I knew that I would be tortured, broken, and eventually killed. And I have been preparing for it ever since.

Preparing my allies to save my life, preparing my body to withstand the harshness of the elements so I can hide and live off the land, and preparing my mind for the fight that it will take to get my kingdom back from the evil that has overtaken it someday.

Now, I have to run, run from the palace I call home and find a new home in the wild of the winter around me. But what I find is a pack of beautiful but deadly animals that are more human than they first appear.

And kindred souls that understand my dark, scarred heart.