The Legacy of Malchus.png

The Legacy of Malchus

Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Book Three

War is brewing and it is only the blood of Malchus that can help save the day...

Now that Malchus is alive, he has a lot to answer for but may not have a lot of time.
With a new enemy to face and some fresh new discoveries about Malchus, they are determined to come up with a plan that will help them win the war. Outnumbered and outwitted, it will take careful planning on their part to beat the MM at their game.
The gang becomes confident in their newfound abilities, thinking they are going to win the war. That is, until a General gets a hold on them and takes them on a deadly journey.

The last book in this dystopian sci-fi series will keep fans of Max Brooks and Seth Grahame-Smith‎ on their toes.