The Retribution of Lilly.png

The Retribution of Lilly

Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Book Two

Malchus had almost succeeded in his zombie-filled adventure... that is...until he died.

Enraged by the death of her brother, Lilly goes on a rampage to eradicate all Wild Ones from the Earth. Those who dare cross her path do not live long after.<br>Though she is determined to fulfill her mission, many obstacles get in her way. She is thrust into a whirlwind of challenges. As she fights her way through each one, she makes many new friends, is reacquainted with a few old ones, and discovers a new enemy nobody saw coming.

Join Lilly as she goes on the hunt. Along the way you will meet a severed head, Spartan soldiers, and an unusual pet.

Do not miss out on this journey, book 2 of the Zombie Whisperer Chronicles, especially if you're a fan of Stephen King or Isaac Marion.